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The right partners. The best quotes. Realtime tracking. Cargobase is a modern Transportation Management System to optimize your logistics.

Cargobase is G2 High PerformerCargobase is G2 High PerformerCargobase is G2 High PerformerG2 reviewers love CargobaseCargobase is ISO certified

A no-nonsense TMS

A better way to manage your logistics

Cargobase is a leading global TMS that is quick to implement, scalable, affordable and used by companies ranging from Fortune500 to larger SMEs. The cloud-based TMS system makes freight management more efficient and easier to control.

Cost reduction up to 25%

Get more, better, and faster quotes with our standardized quoting features. On average, our customers receive 3.2 quotes and 18% savings.

Increased visibility & control

Our centralized dashboard ensures all stakeholders have control tower visibility, are aware of their shipments, and are alerted of potential disruptions and delays in real-time.

Compliance built in

We help logistics departments to remain compliant with company and industry standards, leading to increased transparency and fraud prevention.

100% provider agnostic

We are completely independent and work with all your existing providers, ERP systems and audit flows, so you can focus on value-adding activities.
Continental is also a Cargobase customer
Mahle is also a Cargobase customer
Bosch is also a Cargobase customer
Siemens is also a siemens customer
Vitesco is also a Cargobase customer
Sulzer is also a Cargobase customer

Supports the full shipment lifecycle

Our freight procurement software is designed to support the full shipment lifecycle from start to finish. We pride ourselves on the reliability of our software in helping you manage your operations with maximum efficiency. Our freight procurement software is also compatible with the systems from various brands across the globe.

With a different approach

We at Cargobase are geared toward delivering freight procurement software solutions that can make your operations more efficient, cost-effective, and up-to-date with the consumers’ demands. Thus, our freight procurement software offers a different approach compared to the ones that were already available in the market today. Discover the difference with the Cargobase Platform today!

No upfront investments

No upfront investment is required to get access to the full platform. The full suite is hosted in the cloud, so all features are available for all locations right away.

Quick implementation

After the contract has been signed, our customers can start within weeks compared to the industry average of months to years.

Satisfied customers from day 0

Our customers rate us with an NPS score which is in the top 5% of our industry. Cargobase has proven its value and usability to our customers and their employees.

The Cargobase platform helps Continental to get competitive quotes on urgent requests and to secure our supply chain. It is a modern tool for getting our spot / expedite freight demands managed on the freight market. Implementation was quick and easy and the team at Cargobase have been highly supportive in user and service provider onboarding.

Jens Rottger - Director - Purchasing Rubber & Group Indirect Materials
Dr. Jens Röttger
Purchasing Global Air and Ocean (Continental)

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