About Cargobase

Cargobase is a Singapore-headquartered logistics software company, with offices in Detroit, Mexico, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur and customers all over the world. Known for being a world leader in Transportation Management Software, we provide solutions for problems revolving around the logistics and transportation industries.

Reliable transportation management software for all

Simplified and automated freight for all, is our vision. To realize that vision, our team at Cargobase dedicates our time, knowledge, skills, and efforts to develop the best transportation management software that will suit the needs of every company that offers transportation and freight services around the world. Our modular transportation management software now serves as a platform that covers all modes of freight services, with customization options for all major languages, and is being utilized by leading shippers and logistics service providers across the world.

Founded by logistics geeks

Incorporated in 2013, Cargobase was founded with the vision to improve the collaboration between shippers and logistics services providers through a user-friendly transportation management software solution. Our initial solution changed the way spot-freight procurement was done and quickly grew to become the leading enterprise software provider in this segment.

Founded By Transportation Management Software

With a big idea

Over the years, Cargobase has grown and developed its SaaS solution into a full-fledged modular Transport Management System (TMS). Today our TMS is used in over 50 countries, bringing automation, visibility and efficiency to global supply chains. We take particular pride in the success our customers achieved with us.

Logistics Service Providers Terminal

But we are not done! The industry has a long way to go, and there are still too many inefficiencies in logistics. We are continuously innovating our product to get to what we call the ‘autonomous TMS’: software to predict and manage your logistics flows, integrating all your different systems and guided by predefined rules. Get in touch to join us on this journey!

The best people

Cargobase’s team is a unique blend of logistics and tech professionals. With our deep roots in the logistics industry, we understand the challenges facing shippers and LSPs. Interwoven with a tech team devoted to building user-friendly products, we are proud to be transforming the TMS and logistics software space. Our team hails from over 10 nationalities and is spread out across USA, Europe and Asia.

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