Address Ad Hoc Logistics Needs from the Source

Hi There, Logistics Layman

Need something shipped urgently but it’s not quite your job? When we say we’ve created a user-friendly platform for all, we mean it. Now everyone can go from logistics layman to logistics marksman.

The term “logistics” originated from an ancient Greek word to mean ratio, calculation, reason, and was first used by the military. For centuries, it was a pen and paper manual operation.

Today, Logistics is a key component of the modern economy, concerned with the organization, movement, and storage of material / people, and can be done with just a mobile device.

Its objective still remains: Get the right goods, to the right place, at the right time (while optimizing costs).

We Can’t All Be Commanders

The need for logistics services now exists across organizations and roles, yet it is not everybody’s core responsibility, and often seen as a hurdle.

Take for example an engineer who is required to send samples to potential customers. “I just need to ship something from A to B, simple as that.” Alas, most of the time, it is not as “simple as that”.

“DOCUMENTATION needed”, “CUSTOMS CLEARANCE FORM required”, “Please Specify FREIGHT MODE”… just some of the many potential hoops he’d have to jump through, after which said engineer / logistics layman starts to throw in adjectives like “troublesome” or “cumbersome” to the “this is not my job” logistics process.

Get To The Point

The tribe has spoken, and Cargobase has heard ya. We are pleased to introduce our new feature “Quick Request”, designed to take away the pain-points that often trip up staff members with limited logistics knowledge.

The process is narrowed down to ask only crucial information required to organise a shipment:

  • Pickup Address?
  • Delivery Address?
  • Expected Delivery Time?
  • Who’s Making Payment?

The Logistics Layman only needs to fill out the minimum information required. Once submitted, the order is evaluated by an appointed colleague (that has the knowledge) or by Cargobase staff.

From here, the necessary information and knowledge to kickstart a quote request is in motion, and will be sent out to providers for quotation. Thereafter, a review process followed by bookings get lined up.

There’s Always More

With this feature, we also address an additional challenge enterprise shippers face: Cost Optimization. Often providers can easily oversell on services and take advantage of the Logistics Layman who may not be required to provide justifications until a later stage. The way “Quick Request” is set up, also helps to add the layer of ensuring staff are procuring shipments the right way, and within budget, and minimizing unnecessary / excessive spends on pricier logistics services.

The next time you hear someone say “oh, I’m not a logistics-person” ask them if they have internet access, and if they are able to tell the time and work an app. If so, tell them they can go from Logistics Layman to Marksman; zero to hero.

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“oh, I’m not a logistics-person”