Cargobase Transportation Management System

Through a global pandemic, trade wars, parts shortages, inflation, Brexit, and a blockage of the Suez Canal, Cargobase is here to help you with a transportation management platform and other solutions that can make your operations proceed like clockwork.

A global pandemic, trade wars, parts shortages, inflation, Brexit, and a blockage in the Suez Canal: the past 2 years have taught us that our supply chains are intricately linked to the macro environment and exogenous circumstances. We’re witnessing what is likely to be our generation’s largest overhaul of how we organize our supply chains and logistics: from freight procurement, to manufacturing to supplier diversification. Needless to say, technology is crucial in helping companies achieve these goals.

Cargobase was founded in 2013 with a laser-focused mission of changing the way companies procure their spot freight. The concept was born out of frustration, seeing how companies still use spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, and even the fax machine to procure and organize their freight! Our purpose was to bring the beauty and simplicity of automation, cloud-based computing, and SaaS to the antiquated logistics industry!

Armed with our expertise in the logistics industry, and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, we designed an intuitive, easy-to-use platform where shippers can hit the ground running in just 14 days, with features to ensure they achieve maximum benefit from freight automation whether it be cost savings, productivity gains, visibility or streamlining of compliance and governance.

Fast forward 8 years, and we are proud to be a market leader being used by a wide range of Fortune 1000 companies and multinationals, across more than 10 sectors in over 70 countries. We have helped our customers save over US$ 66m in freight in the last 4 years alone and bring newfound visibility and insights into their freight expenditure and operations.

Though our initial focus was spot-freight procurement, our product expanded over time to meet our customers’ demands: we added booking/execution, track & trace (visibility), invoice auditing, and BI/analytics. Although we hadn’t promoted the product as such, numerous customers were already using Cargobase as a Transportation Management System (TMS) for spot-freight and/or even all freight, and we were increasingly receiving inbound requests for participating in TMS RFIs.

But back to the hectic global environment, we find ourselves in today: spot rates are through the roof, and whereas spot freight used to comprise maybe 5-10% of a company’s total freight expenditure, our data shows this can now range anywhere between 60 and 70%! Companies now feel the pain to automate this process, but also other related processes which fall under the TMS offering. We at Cargobase feel we are strongly positioned to help shippers navigate these times by helping them automate the procurement and management of freight. We have heavily invested into the further build-out of features and modules, and are excited to announce that we are now offering the Cargobase Transportation Management System (TMS) to all customers!

What Is Cargobase TMS?

  • Our TMS is a modular and scalable platform allowing shippers to procure freight (through spot procurement or tendering), manage rates (rate cards), book freight (freight execution), gain real-time visibility into all freight, audit invoices, and leverage Business Intelligence for reporting and analytics
  • The Cargobase TMS is fully modular: shippers can either select individual modules or adopt the full TMS
  • Cargobase TMS is available for all freight modes (air, ocean, road, rail, parcel) across all continents, as a simple and easy-to-use cloud solution
  • Moreover, Cargobase TMS has a zero-fee implementation model and acts as a one-stop TMS for shippers from SME to Enterprise.

What Has Changed?

We have developed and expanded on our legacy (spot-buy) TMS to include features and modules such as tendering, rate management, and visibility (incl. inbound visibility) On an organizational level over the past year, Cargobase has doubled its team size and opened offices in New York and Amsterdam (in addition to the existing offices in Singapore and Delhi)

What Hasn't Changed?

Our product philosophy of simplicity and power: we believe in Einstein’s quote of “everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler”. We continue to onboard customers within weeks (not months or even years)!

We were founded in 2013 as a response to an industry that was ripe for automation. Along the way, with our expertise and our learnings, we empowered businesses in blazing a trail through technology, digitalization, and collaboration, shaping the path to our organic growth into a TMS platform. 8 years on, we are proud to evolve into a full-fledged Transportation Management System, helping logistics professionals navigate and manage their day-to-day supply chains and logistics needs.

For more information on how the Cargobase Transportation Management System can help your business, please contact

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