Top 6 benefits of using a multi carrier shipping software

If you’re ready to Get Ship Together, read on to learn the benefits of multi-carrier shipping software

Not too long ago, the idea of multi-carrier shipping software was more sci-fi than sales-ready. The ability to automate the entire freight process with a SaaS solution would have prevented countless headaches and errors in previous decades. However there are still many small to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies that rely on old-school, paperwork-heavy approaches to managing freight.

If you’re ready to Get Ship Together, read on to learn the benefits of multi-carrier shipping software and why it’s time to join the future of freight.

What is multi-carrier shipping software?

Multi-carrier shipping software are platforms that automate and streamline the spot freight process. Users can compare quotes from carriers, choose their preferred shipping partner and initiate the freight process. Solutions such as Cargobase provide the ability to manage and track all types of freight (trucking, air, ocean, parcel, etc) while other types of shipping software focus on one type.

Multi-carrier shipping software vs transportation management software

Multi-carrier shipping software is also referred to as Transportation Management Software (TMS). These are used interchangeably. The only distinction is multi-carrier shipping software is used in the context of e-commerce companies that ship directly to consumers. TMS usually refers to all-freight automation platforms such as Cargobase or related systems.

Cost & efficiency

The ability to compare shipping options seamlessly allows you to compete for fair pricing. You have full insight into every shipment and can analyze each spend. Our Fortune 500 shippers have seen more than 35 percent in cost savings after switching over from the traditional model.

If for some reason there is a price increase compared to a previous long-term contract relationship with a supplier, it will be recovered with the efficiency of an all-in-one platform. If someone needs to call and email incessantly to find the best quote, opposed to a few clicks, the improvement in efficiency translates to labor savings and more time to Get Ship Done.

Compliance & regulation automation

In traditional shipping and procurement, each contract needs to be vetted to make sure it follows compliance and safety standards. There are hundreds of regulations that apply to truck freight alone, this is the most frustrating aspect of anyone in paperwork purgatory. Multi-carrier shipping software automates these regulations on every spot-buy. Full-service software platforms such as Cargobase have built-in compliance standards for air, ocean, parcel, and rail freight so you won’t run into any country-specific problems or border crossing issues.

Data consolidation, manage & track orders

Kids with messy rooms can still find items at will, don’t try to pull this off with stacks of paperwork. Software acts as a database for all shipments, quotes and spends history. Previous shipments are easily found. Shipments can be tracked as needed without additional tools. This data consolidation frees up time for more crucial tasks than digging through desk jungles.

Improved employee onboarding and scalability

Having shipping data and history in one place brings additional benefits. When new employees start, their learning curve for success is easier. A common symptom of old-school spreadsheet practices is there can be tribal knowledge of how everything works. A platform like Cargobase, which receives praise on Capterra and other sites for its ease-of-use will help newcomers jump in quickly. This improves your ability to scale as training is organized and can be done from remote and international offices.

Reduced chance for human error

Lonny the Logistics Robot might be able to manage all your logistics one day. Until then, human error will always be a concern. Shipping and logistics software eliminates this concern by verifying each aspect of a shipment. Work faster with the peace of mind that your work is error-proof.

Hassle-free implementation

With Cargobase, as soon as you sign up for the service, Ship Gets Real. The platform can be accessed from anywhere and requires very little implementation time. We get that people don’t like change, so our platform will always be easy to install.

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