Cargobase Elevates Logistics with Next-Level User Experience

Drawing on extensive user data and research, Cargobase Next centers the new user experience around next-generation supply chain professionals with several game-changing features.

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Cargobase, the leading provider of logistics software, is taking its offerings to the next level with several game-changing features. With a decade of experience and a "no-nonsense" approach embodied by their #GetShipDone slogan, Cargobase is set to revolutionize the logistics industry.

Drawing on extensive user data and research, Cargobase Next centers the new user experience around next-generation supply chain professionals, who are digitally savvy and focused on maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Next-level User Experience

The new user experience is designed to meet the needs of the modern supply chain operator, offering a user-friendly approach to enterprise software that delivers faster results. The latest interface offers unparalleled levels of visibility, affording customers with increased granularity and insight into various shipment points. Furthermore, real-time notifications are now available, keeping customers informed at every step of the process, mitigating the risk of delays, disruptions, or shipment breakdowns. The platform's integration has also been enhanced to streamline essential functions such as quoting, booking, and carrier tracking, resulting in a more efficient and expeditious user experience.

Our ultimate goal is to streamline logistics operations, freeing logistics professionals to concentrate on what truly matters and drive impactful results. - Gert Jan Spriensma, Chief Product Officer

Next-level Visibility

In response to customer demands for greater visibility into their shipments, Cargobase Next has integrated with top data providers to offer real-time satellite-based data for both ocean and air freight. With the current disruptions, congestions, and breakdowns in the shipping industry, real-time visibility has become more crucial than ever.

Cargobase Next is proud to provide tracking for the top 100 sealines in ocean freight and the top 30 cargo airlines in air freight, covering over 95% of all freight. The new feature enables customers to obtain real-time insights into the status and location of their shipments, providing peace of mind and greater control over their supply chain. In addition, Cargobase Next plans to add real-time visibility for road freight in Europe, North America, and mainland Asia in the next six months.

Next-level Decision Making

The complete revamp of the integration engine is a major milestone in the platform's evolution. With the revamped engine, users can now enjoy quicker API integrations for quoting, booking, and tracking with their pool of carriers, making the logistics process smoother and more efficient.

One of the most significant benefits of the new engine is the ability to set up automated decision rules, which saves users time and effort in managing their logistics operations. For instance, users can set rules to automatically approve quotes based on delivery dates, price ranges, and service levels, allowing them to focus on more complex or exceptional cases. These automated decision rules provide more efficiency and greater control over the logistics process.

Automated integration means users will get more quotes with less work required, leading to faster bookings and fewer errors. The improved tracking features enable users to gain real-time insights into their shipments, improving their ability to make informed decisions.

Automatic invoice approvals are also now available, further streamlining the logistics process. If the invoice total matches the quoted total, it is automatically sent to accounting for payment, resulting in less work, faster payment, and ultimately, happier LSPs.

Next-level Insights

With 10 years of logistics expertise, Cargobase has launched a set of dashboards to help businesses keep track of key metrics in their operations. The dashboards cover important metrics such as spend and on-time delivery, as well as provider allocation and participation. Other metrics such as cost-centers, reason-costs, and cost-recovery are also included.

These dashboards are designed to provide businesses with valuable insights into their supply chain, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that can lead to greater efficiency and profitability.

Next Step: Full Steam Ahead

The latest advancements from Cargobase are part of its initiative to tackle key challenges in logistics today. The current challenges in the supply chain include poor visibility, limited diversification, high costs without expected returns, and increased complexities from environmental and political changes such as the covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

To tackle these challenges, Cargobase is investing in talent and technology, including expanding its data science team to provide enterprises with advanced analytics based on shipping and behavior data.

By aligning with new technology and continuous innovation, Cargobase hopes to address each of these challenges in a forward-thinking yet simple manner.

We recognize the growing importance of young professionals in the logistics industry who are now assuming in decision-making roles or supporting those who do. That's why we're dedicated to providing them with the solutions they need to excel in their careers and drive innovation in the industry. - Wiebe Helder, CEO and Founder.

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