Cargobase is now a full-fledged TMS

Cargobase has advanced its features and modules to be a full-fledged modular TMS (Transportation Management System) with a cloud-based transport management system to enable authorized access from anywhere in the world.

SINGAPORE — Cargobase, a logistics tech company set up to provide and automate freight procurement processes, has advanced its features and modules to be a full-fledged modular TMS (Transportation Management System).

The Singapore-based SaaS company offers a cloud-based platform for planning, procuring, executing, and optimizing the shipments of goods, across all freight modes, and with this announcement, establishes its position as a full-fledged TMS.

A TMS is a logistics platform that uses technology to help businesses plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods.

Transportation Management Systems have gained traction over the last decade as enablers of global trade and logistics. However, businesses struggle to select a TMS. Often it is very expensive as platforms charge exorbitant implementation fees; at times, platforms offer unnecessary features. Our goal is to simplify logistics processes and empower logistics professionals, with a no-nonsense approach. Our TMS is built to be more affordable, accessible and accurate to business needs than most. (Wiebe Helder, CEO & Founder of Cargobase)

We moved into TMS as a direct result of our customers’ usage and features we added based on their requests. After having invested in the six core modules of a TMS, we found that we were increasingly invited to participate in RFIs (Request For Information), and that we were successfully converting RFIs into customers based on our core USPs – which are ease of use, quick to implement, omni modal and global coverage, as well as our zero-implementation fee pricing model – we are proud to present an intelligent, full-fledged, one-stop TMS.

Cargobase TMS improves shipping efficiency, reduces cost, provides real-time visibility, and ensures transparency into freight usage and costs. Above and beyond regular TMS offerings like shipment request, procurement, and tracking, Cargobase TMS also offers live-chat, audit trails, integration, compliance, business intelligence and analytics features. Currently in beta mode are much anticipated and sought-after features: Freight Tender and CO2 reporting.

The platform consists of modular solutions which can be deployed in its entirety as end-to-end solution, or independently to complement existing software stacks.

The spot-buy procurement module has seen tremendous uptake among shippers in the past 18 months, driven by the COVID-19 disruptions in supply chains worldwide.

Shippers and carriers are the primary users of TMS software. Manufacturers, distributors, organizations, wholesalers, and third-party logistics providers are also users of TMS software.

Gartner, in its March 2021 Magic Quadrant report, reported that, the TMS market is expected to grow from $1.32 billion to $2.11 billion (from 2019 through 2024). That is a growth of 60% over a five-year period.

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