Cargobase Spotlight: Anne Yip, Customer Success Manager (Singapore)

Making sure users are maximizing Cargobase TMS's potential has always been Anne's forte and dedication. Learn more about her approach to customer success and what keeps her motivated at work!

Cargobase Spotlight: Anne Yip, Customer Success Manager (Singapore)

As a Customer Success Manager of Cargobase, Anne Yip is dedicated to providing the most holistic customer experience to all of our users. With her cheerful disposition and inquisitive mind, it’s no wonder she is an asset to the customer success team as she’s always looking to help with an open heart. Even her presence in the office is widely appreciated as her positivity alone keeps the entire team going.

Today, we speak to Anne herself to find out more about her.

Hello Anne. Shall we start with a casual introduction? You can start by telling us a fun fact about yourself.

Anne: For sure! I’m Anne, the customer success manager based in Cargobase’s HQ at Singapore. This is my third year with Cargobase and while looking back, I realized we’ve expanded so much ever since I started! It has been an exciting journey thus far. Now, here’s my personal fun fact. When I was a kid, I had a pet lizard for a night. Unfortunately, it escaped, leaving its tail behind, wriggling when I touched it. I was horrified and cried profusely. Ever since then, I developed a phobia for anything that wriggles (worms, snakes, etc)!

What do you love most about Cargobase?

Anne: I love the team spirit and diversity in the company because we have colleagues based in different parts of the world. Also, kudos to HR for introducing an avenue on Slack, where we share what we did on the weekend, giving everyone a glimpse of life on the other side of the world.

That aside, I also appreciate the Cargobase TMS product itself as I get to experience how it truly simplifies complex freight procurement processes for shippers. Even a user with zero experience using a TMS tool can manage to master it within a matter of hours. That’s how user-friendly our platform is.

We also continuously improve our platform by introducing new features and upgrading the interface to further simplify entire freight procurement processes.

Share a personal anecdote or example that highlights your love for Cargobase

There's this great sense of satisfaction whenever I see customers rolling out Cargobase further across their company. It tells me our software is really making a difference in their logistics process – they're seeing the value and want their whole team on board. That's what motivates me!

What’s your passion/mantra in life

There’s this quote by Oprah Winfrey, “Great communication begins with connection” that resonates so much with how I develop relationships with people around me. I’ve always believed that we can only have deeper conversations if we have a strong yet authentic connection with them.

This also relates so much to my role in Cargobase because I’m always communicating with our customers to ensure their success in using the platform. But, to do that, we need to keep that authentic connection going so that the relationship between us continues to evolve.

Some of the ways we try to cultivate relationships with our customers is by visiting them regularly at their offices or remotely (whenever possible), and do our best to sincerely understand them better on what’s working and what’s not. Once they recognize that we are truly working with them as partners, they will start to feel a level of trust with us and they’ll be more willing to communicate.

Best advice for getting “ship” done

I’d say strive to look for new ways to complete tasks more effectively and efficiently. After all, we just want to get our “ship” done right? So, why not work on the same amount of tasks with less effort!

Technology is also advancing at such a quick pace today. It’s also wise to ride this wave, open up ourselves to new tools or apps to help transform our daily tasks at work or even within the scope of our own personal lives.

Last but not least, it’s always better to speak to someone whenever there’s a problem because you may come across a valuable point of view that you have never thought of and that might be game changing for all you know!

Looking to boost your freight perfomance and efficiency? Be sure to contact us to schedule for a FREE consultation and find out how Cargobase TMS can unleash the full potential of your supply chain!!

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