Cargobase Spotlight: Martin Laux, Head of Sales (Europe)

With more than 13 years of experience in the supply chain industry, Martin Laux is known within Cargobase for his unwavering passion for logistics.

As the Head of Sales for Europe, Martin is a mentor for the team, sales strategist, and a true problem solver that seeks to propose the best solutions for anyone looking to boost their supply chain capabilities to the next level.

Today, we chat with Martin to find out what makes him tick.

Hello Martin, let’s start with a little self introduction and tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Martin: Hi, my name is Martin Laux and I’m the Head of Sales for the European region. I’ve been with Cargobase since March 2023 and I've been loving it ever since!

Before I joined Cargobase, I was the Industry Lead and Global Key Account Manager of time:matters, a high-performance logistics firm, and I was responsible for the growth of companies revolving around the automotive, semiconductor, aviation, and componentry industries.

I was also with Kuehne + Nagel for 7 years as a project manager for event logistics. Some of the most memorable projects I will always remember include the Japan Ballet European Tour, Red Bull Airrace, FIFA Women’s Championship in Canada, and the UEFA European Championship in France.

A little fun fact about myself is that I love to walk my dog and when I see trash in my path, I would pick it up. All of us can do our part.

What do you love most about Cargobase?

Martin: It has to be the work culture in Cargobase. Everyone has a can-do attitude and is aligned with creating value for the customer.

During a transport logistics event in Munich, I was asked to wear an attention-grabbing jacket that had our signature hashtag, #GetShipDone, printed all over it. Initially, I found it strange but we received so much positive and inspiring feedback from many people throughout the event! So ever since, I always wear the jacket with pride =)

Martin Laux at a trade show wearing a jacket

What’s your passion/mantra in life?

Martin: I deeply believe in creating value. If I’m going to invest time in something, then it should create value for the next individual or organization, whether it’s personal or professional.

Let me explain it from a supply chain perspective. Imagine our supply chain as a series of interconnected steps, each adding value to the final delivery. Similarly, in life, every meaningful relationship, every acquired skill, every act of kindness becomes a building block for a more fulfilling and impactful existence for any of us.

The core principles remain the same: understanding needs, fostering collaboration, and striving for continuous improvement. Whether streamlining logistics or nurturing relationships, we should all strive to create value by leaving a positive impact on those around us.

Best advice for getting “ship” done?

Martin: There’s honestly so much good advice people can learn from in freight management. But, I'm going to shortlist 3 of my favourite ones.

One, always know your risks and manage complexity with a solid data management foundation. One of the biggest challenges in the freight industry is knowing how to navigate through the complications. With a strong understanding of data, you will be able to identify potential risks, get to make more informed decisions, and ensure smooth operations.

The second one will be to work closely with your partners because the supply chain industry has evolved to a point where no one is able to work by themselves. By collaborating, supply chains can be further optimized and with greater strength. You can even reduce potential disruptions at any point in time.

Last but not least, it’s a proverb that always resonates with me personally: A smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor. Freight management is a task filled with countless obstacles and it’s always wise to learn how to embrace them with a positive attitude. This will help build your resilience against any adversity and you will become a better supply chain professional in the long run. Also, your supply chain becomes more resilient by knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Looking to boost your freight perfomance and efficiency? Be sure to contact us to schedule for a FREE consultation and find out how Cargobase TMS can unleash the full potential of your supply chain!

Looking to boost your freight perfomance and efficiency? Be sure to contact us to schedule for a FREE consultation and find out how Cargobase TMS can unleash the full potential of your supply chain!

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