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Making Ship Happen



Times Are Bad, And We’re Doing Good.

Our founder Wiebe Helder shares his latest observations alongside some CARGOBASE news.

When it comes to taking the temperature of the economy; defining its current outlook, a joke comes to mind: “If your neighbor gets laid off, it’s a recession. If you get laid off, it’s a depression.”

Jokes aside, across the board, it is palpable, undeniable – and in my industry – already tangible. A significant decline in economic activity has been detected, and it is creeping across economies, industries, and countries.


When Ship Hits The Fan

The symptoms: A general tightening of the belt – loss of jobs, a decline in real income, a slowdown in production and manufacturing, a decrease in consumer spending…

Most (awesome and astute) companies take this time to hold the dollar bills up to the light, in hopes it will shine a spotlight on a gushing expenditure. And here’s where we come in.

“I Told You So”

What if 20% of your FREIGHT made up 80% of your COST?
Take a few seconds, repeat that statistic again.
Let it stew.
That’s right. *cue the expletives

Shippers are holding up a magnifying glass to their freight expenditure patterns and those who are lucky enough to have data to analyse are realizing the alarming amount that goes into “unplanned” freight.


Very Expensive Freight

You can have the best plan, budget, most solid ERP and/or TMS in the world, but when #ShipHappens – meaning unforeseen #Shiphitsthefan – what do you have in place?

The problem sits with all that falls outside of the regular freight process, some call it premium freight, ad hoc freight or spot-buy freight.  

I call it: very expensive freight.

Most companies still don’t have a process in place to capture and manage all these exceptions, expedites and exceptional shipments. And as such, have no data on what is being spent outside the regular flow, why it was spent, or who approved it.


Enter Cargobase Pro

Companies want a process in place, procurement rules, and control, data, insights, 24/7, AND on top of that, a reduction in freight cost.

Doesn’t sound unreasonable at all to us.

In fact, it is exactly why we built Cargobase Pro – A solution for enterprises to bring all that falls outside the regular flow online: A standard and controlled process, in one dynamic platform. Cargobase Pro is an online solution with zero installation, no IT required, user-friendly and affordable. It can even talk to your other systems, in different languages and has never let anyone down.

We are very pleased to bring Cargobase Pro to market, and we sincerely hope you will find time to check out our – some say “innovative” – solution (*insert Client e.g.) MAHLE’s words, not ours) View our other business cases and customer endorsements here.

And for the record, we call it spot-buy freight, it is only premium freight if you pay a premium.

Kind Regards,
Wiebe Helder
CEO, Cargobase


Wiebe Helder

Wiebe is the CEO at Cargobase with over 13 years of experience in the logistics and supply chain industry. Connect with him on Linkedin.