Cargobase Announces Successful Growth Financing Round

Cargobase raises funds from Lufthansa Innovation Hub and Trestle Partners, reinforcing their joint commitment to supply chain tech innovation and digitalisation.

cargobase growth financing round

Cargobase, a celebrated Transport Management Software known for its user-friendliness and no-nonsense approach, announced today that it has successfully closed its Growth Financing. The latest round was led by Trestle Partners and followed by Lufthansa Innovation Hub who have invested to accelerate Cargobase’s global growth.

Profitable for its third consecutive year, the Growth Financing round reinforces Cargobase's commitment to supply chain tech innovation and digitalisation. The investment will be put towards accelerating global growth for Cargobase.

*“We (Cargobase and Trestle) share the same vision, to keep the world moving, and its CEO has a no-nonsense attitude and is laser-focused on “Getting Ship Done”. Cargobase has provided logistics professionals with a well-built, comprehensive, and user-friendly enterprise SaaS. We are thrilled to partner with Wiebe and his team.” * - Managing Partner of Trestle, Thomas Babcock

“Our ambition is to further grow our business portfolio which consists of venture building, partnerships, and investments. Cargobase is a great addition. The software’s value proposition to reduce complexity and bring more efficiency to global supply chains reflects our focus on digital business models and expands our knowledge in the field of transportation management software. Cargobase’s global network with headquarters in Singapore underpins our commitment to Asia and our goal to drive businesses that have an impact on a global scale” - Managing Director of Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Christine Wang

Following a double YoY growth, the company, now profitable for its third consecutive year, will build upon this success, and channel the capital injection towards the expansion of its international footprint, product development, and customer success.

"'Winter is coming.'" as some say, both for the supply chain industry as well as for investments. But as supply chains brace for a brand new season of change, we are already sprinting ahead. At Cargobase, we are proud of our technology as it empowers logistics professionals to go digital, in a time where logistics service providers rely on – more than ever - connected workflows to maximize efficiency and speed. Securing these investments is confirmation that we are on the right track and an indication that we can potentially shape the future of supply chains as it sits at the tipping point of digital transformation."

– CEO and Founder of Cargobase, Wiebe Helder

The company has opened an office in Mexico and is expanding its footprint across USA and Europe through regional office setups.

"We will use this latest round of funding to speed up tech-enablement for all our users through our Customer Success Team, as well as expand our user network through our Business Development Team."

– Chief Strategy Officer of Cargobase, Arnout Wagenaar

Recognized as a leader in product innovation, the investment will also go towards refinement of the user experience, more integrations, richer data collection, predictive analytics, and automated decision-making.

"As the industry shifts towards more real-time and collaborative ways of doing business, we are proud to offer software that works; software that contributes to our customers’ everyday cost savings and success. Our customers continue to recognize and reward Cargobase for innovation and for providing a best-in-class TMS and we will be dedicating a part of the investment towards making the lives of logistics professionals as easy and automated as possible, so they can focus on the things that truly make an impact."

– Chief Product Officer of Cargobase, Gert Jan Spriensma

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