Wiebe Helder Jan 6, 2021 1:00:00 PM 3 min read

Q&A #10: Integrating Cargobase Into Your Existing Organisation

A chat with Alex van Kampen, Head of Product at Cargobase, discussing product related topics on the Cargobase platform.


How Can I Ensure Cargobase Works With My Existing Software?

The Cargobase platform is a cloud-based software – this allows the platform to work as a standalone solution for your employees. However, if you require specific information, from or to an ERP system for instance, we provide public and private API to integrate with and we actively work with you to develop specific integrations if required.

We frequently work with enterprises to integrate their Identity & Access Management solutions, like Microsoft Active Directory, to ensure employees experience a single sign-on and as an added layer of security. We also have customers that ask us to upload invoice information into the systems of their payment provider; these are things we happily and easily setup.


Are There Any Technical Restrictions To These Integrations?

We have a preference for modern communication protocols and standards. This means that whenever we interface, we try and see if certain Restful API are available to which we send simple JSON objects. However, not every organization has these capabilities, so we sometimes even work with Comma Separated Files and post those onto Secured FTP locations.


What Parts Of The Process Are Open To Integration?

We provide a set of public APIs and have another set of private end-points that allows us to expose any part of the shipment lifecycle to an organization. Of course, we do think that the lifecycle of any giving moving part should be only managed by a single process at a time.