Wiebe Helder Jan 28, 2021 12:00:00 PM 5 min read

Q&A #11: What Are The Biggest Learning Points From Building Cargobase?

A chat with Cargobase CEO Wiebe Helder about the Cargobase logistics platform. Cargobase is the independent online platform for on-demand freight.


When Building Cargobase What Were The Biggest Learning Points?

First one is that you should built a product that your customer wants, not that you want. Makes sense, but if you don’t validate you end up with features that are not being used or can become a roadblock for people using it at all. So listen carefully to your users.

Also never underestimate the power that people at an operational level have in large organisations. We have seen and still see large organisations where management decides A, but operations do not comply.

Our way to deal with that is to start a project on a small scale and have a champion to be the example for others. If you can built a success story, everyone will comply and want to be part of it.