Wiebe Helder Feb 11, 2021 11:00:00 AM 3 min read

Q&A #12: What Does User Management Look Like In Cargobase?

A chat with Alex van Kampen, Head of Product at Cargobase, discussing product related topics on the Cargobase platform.


What Does User Management Look Like For Cargobase?

There are multiple ways we can manage users and their accounts in Cargobase. The easiest set-up is to just add individual accounts and have people generate a personal password with which they can access the platform. Each user is assigned a user role and given access to one or multiple teams or locations. The combination of the role and their team assignment then dictates the features that they see and the actions they can take. For instance, we have a user that can only draft requests, but others that need to fulfill them. Or users that can only do invoice auditing, but are not involved in the initial stage of the process. All those roles and settings have default templates but can be customised for your organisation.


Can We Connect Our Directory Service To Cargobase?

The default authentication method is a username/password combination, however the platform also supports SAML connectivity with any kind of directory service. This provides a more seamless ‘Single-Sign-On’ experience for the user, adds a layer of security and give the organisation more control over the status of an account.


Can Anyone Book High-Cost Shipments?

The Cargobase platform supports different ways of shipment booking, from direct booking to multi-staged approval levels. Whichever best aligns with your procurement policy, we support it. Most of our customers rely on a value-based approval level, where we set financial thresholds in certain levels, from low-cost direct booking all the way up to executive committee approvals.