Wiebe Helder Apr 12, 2021 11:00:00 AM 2 min read

Q&A #15: How Does Quoting In The Cargobase Platform Work?

A chat with Cargobase CEO Wiebe Helder about the Cargobase logistics platform. Cargobase is the independent online platform for on-demand freight.


How Does Quoting Work?

This is the biggest help for providers, which is on how we distribute the quote requests. Logistics providers have a complicated organisation structure, which is something shippers shouldn’t have to deal with and slows down the quoting process.

Every logistics provider has operations in different regions and each region has different teams per freight mode, import, export, vertical, customer, etc.

A complete maze. In Cargobase we can setup teams within a providers and determine their responsibility. So if you have an air freight shipment from Shanghai to Detroit, the platform will send the quote request to the team that is responsible for the quote. In this case the export airfreight team in Shanghai.