Wiebe Helder Apr 26, 2021 4:00:00 PM 2 min read

Q&A #16: How Do We Get The Latest Version Of The Platform?

A Chat With Alex Van Kampen, Head Of Product At Cargobase, Discussing Product Related Topics On The Cargobase Platform.


How Do We Get A New Version Of Your Software And What Do We Have To Do?

The Cargobase platform is a cloud-based software. Which allows us to make any feature or update available to you instantly, rather than having to rely on a software roll-out or update process.

Because we have this great flexibility in the roll-out, we can be very quick to include your requests. While our customers confirm that the platform is very mature and powerful, we continuously ask for feedback and input to optimise things further. Just recently, a customer asked that their providers now explicitly confirm adherence to COVID-19 related travel restrictions for international shipments. We developed, tested and rolled out the feature for them within a week.

We believe that software and features are only good if you can use them. So, therefore, we work in quick update cycles of typically three weeks. Whenever something ‘larger’ that might require training is released, we work with our customers on a roll-out plan to make sure everybody is on board.