Cargobase is powerful by default, flexible in nature

A chat with Alex van Kampen, Head of Product at Cargobase, discussing how the software is powerful but can be adapted to customer needs.

A chat with Alex van Kampen, Head of Product at Cargobase, discussing product-related topics on the Cargobase platform.

What Do You Mean When You Say Cargobase Is Powerful By Default But Flexible In Nature?

Anytime we onboard a new customer, we want to make sure they start with a complete experience. This means that we can enable a vanilla version of the platform that meets all industry-standard requirements, but also allows us to tailor the platform to specific enterprise needs.

As we deal with fortune 500 companies, we see a great similarity across their purchasing, tracking, or auditing needs. However, many organizations have existing policies, or even naming conventions that teams are used to. We know our platform is powerful enough to cater to these needs and is flexible enough to support existing processes or policies.

How Do You Support These Processes Or Policies?

From requesting shipment pricing estimates to booking and tracking we can customize levels of detail that are required. Include additional questionnaires or data points that need to be collected and of course have support for any custom fields and labels that need to be added.

How Easy Is It For An Organisation To Do This Kind Of configuration?

We always work with our clients to make the onboarding process easy and provide guidance and best practices for their configuration. We can create and tailor any account in a matter of minutes and very frequently work directly with IT teams to build custom integrations, such as with existing ERP systems like SAP.

Since our platform is cloud-based, anytime we make an improvement or add a specific item to the workflow; it becomes instantly available for all members of a team. No need to install any additional software or waiting for updates; just open your browser on your computer, tablet or phone and you’re good to go.

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