Why is Cargobase faster than sending an email?

A chat with Cargobase CEO Wiebe Helder about why Cargobase is a much better way to communicate with providers compared to email.

A chat with Cargobase CEO Wiebe Helder about the Cargobase logistics platform. Cargobase is the independent online platform for on-demand freight.

How Does Cargobase Help To Get Quotations Faster Than Sending An Email, What Most Companies Do Now?

First of all for a request where a shipper has already a rate on file for, if the rates are uploaded the platform will alert the user and calculate the total rate based on the information that has been provided by the user. For shipments where there is no rate on file and a spot-buy is being done. We have 3 key features that help speed up the quoting process.

Number 1. The shipper has to complete a standard form with the minimum requirements for a provider to quote. So the provider has all information on file to quote.

Number 2. The shipper indicated how much time the provider has to quote and when they want to confirm/book the quote. The system automatically reminds the providers of the deadlines as well, to ensure they take action.

Number 3. Our platform automatically distributed the quote request to the team within the logistics service provider that is responsible for the quote request. Rather than going to an account manager or centralised department that has to forward to someone else, etc.

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