Wiebe Helder Dec 14, 2020 10:00:00 AM 4 min read

Q&A #8: How Does Quoting Work On The Cargobase Platform?

A chat with Alex van Kampen, Head of Product at Cargobase, discussing product related topics on the Cargobase platform.


How Do Providers Add Quotes To The Platform?

There are many ways in which a logistics provider can upload their quote into the Cargobase platform. The most basic way is by logging in, and manually adding the details of their proposal. This is a manual process, but should only take them a few minutes.

However, because this does create a duplication of effort, we also provide more automated ways of doing so. Some providers choose to rely on the public API (which we refer to as Pluto). This Pluto service allows them to integrate their own booking and quoting systems with Cargobase in order to automatically upload their rates.

In other cases, logistics providers open up quoting API of their own. Whenever such a provider is invited onto a new shipment, our platform calls their API, we receive rates and display them to the shipper.

This is actually our preferred way of working, because it provides near instant quotes, and in great detail to our customers.


Does The Platform Also Support Fixed fees?

The platform has pretty extensive support for managed rate cards for a lot of freight modes. If you have pre-agreed rates with a vendor; we can also manage those in the platform, with specifications such as weight brackets, out-side office hour deliveries or even per mile charges.

All these details can be uploaded into Cargobase, which then gives you instant pricing details. Some of our customers actually rely on a combination of manual quotes, automation and ratecards. Especially when they are looking to compare benchmark, or contracted rates with market rates.