Wiebe Helder Apr 1, 2021 2:00:00 PM 2 min read

Q&A #13: What is Unique About The Cargobase Platform?

A chat with Cargobase CEO Wiebe Helder about the Cargobase logistics platform. Cargobase is the independent online platform for on-demand freight.


What Is Unique About Cargobase Compared To Other Solutions In The Market?

Apart from some of our core features. Our platform has been built to be flexible, robust, yet easy-to-use and affordable. We have built the platform based on input from the actual users on the shipper and provider side.

That has led to a product that meets the requirements of all users, but also has kept it extremely lean and user-friendly.

95% of our users are operational, they don’t like change, so they have to be convinced easily that there is an immediate benefit for them, and with Cargobase they are.