Singapore-based Logistics Tech Scale-up Cargobase Builds World's First Autonomous TMS

Cargobase, creator of spot-buy freight software platform announced today its ambitious plans to scale its business towards building the world’s first Autonomous TMS (Transport Management System).

Autonomous TMS is the future of Supply Chain Intelligence

Setting itself up for exponential growth, and pitching themselves alongside some of the largest logistics software companies in the world, the plans are spearheaded by a new senior management team, along with a refreshed vision statement that is backed by the company’s recent industry recognition and accomplishments.

An autonomous system is defined as a collection of connected protocols under the control of one or more network operators on behalf of a single administrative entity or domain, that presents a common and clearly defined routing policy. Applied to the logistics industry, a fully autonomous TMS is able to intelligently navigate all processes, possibilities, and permutations of daily logistics supply chain transport management, backed by rich data and governed by set rules of engagement.

“Autonomous TMS is the future of Supply Chain Intelligence. In an ideal world, every company has a system in place that automates their supply chain, while human effort is channelled towards managing exceptions,” said Wiebe Helder, CEO & Founder, Cargobase.

“Learning from the market has led us to the vision of building a truly Autonomous TMS, where Supply Chains run on rules that are set by procurement and supply chain teams, which are followed by logistics operations based on the requirements from the business,” Helder adds.

In light of the upheavals and volatility that has presented in recent global supply chains, Cargobase proved itself instrumental in enabling companies to battle and navigate logistics challenges, reporting a 273% growth, and earning a top spot on G2 (Cargobase ranks #6 out of 184 TMS solutions worldwide).

Today, Cargobase continues to deliver unprecedented cost savings and business success to its user base consisting of Fortune 500 companies across 55 countries. The company enables shippers to better navigate daily logistics and supply chain challenges by integrating seamlessly with existing systems and enabling intelligent real-time freight procurement and management via its software and mobile app.

With Cargobase, shippers and providers benefit from autonomous and digital solutions, advanced analytics, and ease of use. The company currently provides a zero-installation and quick-setup onboarding at no cost to its customers, and a “land-and-expand” modular approach to adopting its technology.

“Cargobase was initially set up in 2013 to simplify spot-buy logistics. Since inception, we have accelerated the adoption of digital logistics solutions by introducing our easy-to-use quick-to-implement SaaS model that brings our users unprecedented cost savings,” said Wiebe Helder, CEO & Founder, Cargobase.

“In today’s volatile supply chain climate, spot-buy has become the norm, and scaling our tried-and-tested and successful model towards an Autonomous TMS allows us to extend the Cargobase benefit to all” Helder further adds “Without having raised any additional capital we have more than doubled our business in the past two years - while remaining profitable, the latter seems to be unique in the logistics tech space. We are currently at the final steps to start our next growth plan, which includes a fresh capital injection, a new office in Mexico and triplication of our headcount.”

Cargobase survey autonomous TMS

“A recent Cargobase survey revealed that while 98% of shippers are keen to “go digital”, many find the cost and installation experience of current solutions to be prohibitive, a challenge we solve with our easy-to-use, quick-to-implement, and zero start-up cost Autonomous TMS framework,” said Arnout Wagenaar, Chief Strategy Officer, Cargobase.

TMS Solution Requirements

“The market has never been so hot for TMS solutions. However, we are seeing many buyers struggling with the requirements, partially due to the lack of understanding of their supply chain operations, but also as they are being overwhelmed with fancy “nice-to-haves” which deviates them looking at the core requirements.” Said Gert Jan Spriensma, Chief Product Officer, Cargobase. “This speaks to our “land-and-expand” customer success approach; Cargobase can be used by customers as a stand-alone module first, and thereafter customize the process to their liking where they can expand the scope, internal roll-out, and start on integrations. This is a solution born to address the frustrations we often see with companies who try to do too much too fast, resulting in years of implementation, higher cost and an end product that is sometimes outdated.”

In Q3, Cargobase users can expect the launch of the next generation user-interface which allows them to navigate exceptions that require their attention, more instantaneously and seamlessly.

The upgrade comes with additional language capabilities making the platform available in 9 languages, now including Korean, Italian and Portuguese.

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