Cargobase Aug 24, 2020 5:00:00 PM 3 min read

How To Be A Supply Chain Star-Employee In A Pandemic


Ain’t nothing like a global pandemic to spotlight employees that are really pulling their weight. 

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Covid-19 has led to a worldwide work-from-home experiment that I believe will challenge corporate culture for years to come. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of working from home – hotel lobbies, sure, a coffeeshop in a bustling street is cool too, and the occasional airport lounge has worked out great for me – but “encouraged” to work from home, while the city is in lockdown, bah. Should I put on pants? Should I fix that faulty lightbulb? Is it time for another coffee? Are my staff slacking? 

And then in comes breaking news from CNN, messages from my colleagues on Slack, my Cargobase app pings me to let me know yet another shipment has been booked, and I snap back to work mode. Thank you Sir Tim Berners Lee for the web!

Here at Cargobase, we have experienced a huge growth in demand for our platform, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. You see, our platform helps shippers procure ad hoc freight, and is designed to help shippers get through the complex processes of booking freight that falls outside of the regular supply chain. We have been hearing from clients who are dealing with massive supply chain issues and doing our best to be of help. Logistics operators are having to “think-outside-the-box” and find solutions fast to meet supply chain requirements. We have had the privilege of being a support system to and working with some awesome logisticians who have really shone and would like to share some tips on how you can stand out as a star-employee, during a supply chain crisis. 


1. Tell Everyone: Ship Happens

Social distancing mode may be on, but Cargo remains unaffected. Here is when true planners shine.   


2. Get Your Ship Together

Do you have a “Plan B: How to Tackle Supply Chain Disruptions” manual written out that you can present to your boss? No? Get started. 


  • List of online digital platforms / apps designed to offer you automation, aggregates, and alternatives
  • Seek alternative routes to your usual bookings
  • Lock-in rates with selected providers
  • Understand / get an overview of ad hoc shipping lanes landscape
  • Work with a platform that suits you best, like Cargobase 😉 



Cargobase is a one-stop platform that automates the Quoting / Booking / Tracking / Invoicing / Reporting Process necessary to procure ad hoc freight. Cargo is still moving. Get on the plane/train/ship/bus. 

In view of the pandemic, we have opened up ShipHappens:FastTrack our fast track service that allows users to access our platform within a day. Here is your invitation to take your logistics and supply chain needs online with us. 

Thank you for reading. 

Here’s wishing you and your supply chain well.