Wiebe Helder Mar 1, 2019 6:00:00 PM 3 min read

LSNT: Multimodal Spot-Buy


LSNT = learn something new today:

What is multimodal spot-buy and what is its significance in world of freight? Get to know the latest buzz phrase of the industry. Have you ever had the privilege of organizing an urgent shipment? Sourcing for a provider, getting quotations, arranging shipment paperwork, waiting for updates from several parties, and that all with the necessary time-pressure? Emails, phone calls, paperwork, ugh, it never ends.

And after all that stress and frustration, only to realize that you moved it on the more expensive freight mode than what was actually necessary? Dayumm.


We’ve Been There Before

Our team brings shared experiences from both sides of shipper – logistics provider table. Having received requests across the urgency, price, and freight mode hierarchy, we are painfully aware of freight often being assigned on a more costly freight mode than was required. We get it, providers would always like maximise margins, while shippers want to minimize cost, but do we always meet at optimum level?

The Solution For This?

But what if we told you, there is a way to request for multiple freight modes at the same time? A way that doesn’t require multiple excel sheets, emails, and phone calls, and can even cut logistics costs by up to 30%.


An online platform that allows you to select up to 5 different freight modes for your quote request, after which the platform will tell you which providers are capable to support what freight mode. Only if a provider is capable of offering a solution for the most premium service then will he be invited for that, saves you time to make a selection.


We are all familiar with using Skyscanner or Expedia for finding the best flight deals, and now Cargobase offers you the same convenience with Ad Hoc Freight, but only with the providers that your company has pre-approved. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you invite the capable providers and once the bidding time has passed are you presented with all possible solutions in a unified format. Just like a flight deal website, you will find the total price, routing details, transit time, validity time, etc.

Take it a step further, spot shipments spring up suddenly when you are out of the office; at home, on a plane or taxi. With any smart device, you can easily manage your ad hoc freight from beginning to end. We present you with multimodal spot-buy options, and you make the choice. Easy to use and efficient, you no longer have to worry when a last minute shipment comes around.


Wiebe Helder

Wiebe is the CEO at Cargobase with over 13 years of experience in the logistics and supply chain industry. Connect with him on Linkedin.