Quoting is now simple, fast & fun.

It doesn’t matter if you invite 1 or 10 parties to quote, the effort is the same.
Cargobase quoting
Cargobase auto-complete address book

Less than three minutes

That’s how long it takes to create a new request, using smart features like previous shipment duplication, auto-complete and pre-select.

Enjoy comparing quotes

Choose who you would like to award the business to.
Price. Transit time. Route. Freight mode. Have all the data you need to make a quick and informed business decision.

Cargobase quotes compare
Cargobase reminders and notifications

Timers and reminders

Pick up time. Delivery time. Expiration. Confirmation. 

No more chasing after providers to submit their rates. Set the platform to remind them on your behalf.

Flexible, Fast & Fun.

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