Transportation Management System

A modular, scalable, and easy-to-use platform across all freight modes, for all your freight needs. 
1A Simplify and Standardize Your Freight Tenders Compressed


Invite your preferred Logistics Service Providers to bid for one-off shipments.

Receive an average of 3.2 quotations per bid, communicate easily with bidders, and compare solutions in a unified format.

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Award your next freight tenders on Cargobase TMS. 

Invite providers to bid for, streamline and automate your freight tenders with your preferred templates. 

Designed to manage multi-lane tenders where you can save significant time when you compare and award lanes, and configure tender rules to satisfy internal audit and compliance.

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1C Award Individual Lanes to Your Logistics Service Providers Compressed
3B Smart Features For International and Intra-Company Collaboration Compressed


Upload pre-negotiated rates, connect Cargobase to your rate repository, or use available API's with your Logistics Service Providers. 

Ensure organized, centrally managed and compliant rate documentation.

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Use our centralized communication features to execute your next freight booking exercise.

Automate, monitor and control all freight booking processes across your internal and external organization.

Enjoy time, effort, and cost savings for all stakeholders including suppliers, vendors, and colleagues. 

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4A Award and Book Directly With Logistics Service Providers or Carriers Compressed
5A Maintain Control Tower Visibility Compressed


Cargobase TMS users enjoy control tower monitoring which lets you follow all your shipments in a unified format and in real-time. 

Get document sharing, live chat, and real-time milestone updates from over 700 carriers.

Ensure all stakeholders are 100% aware of their shipments and get notifications and alerts of any potential disruptions and delays.

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Ensure 100% audit compliance when you use Cargobase TMS.

Configure your freight invoice audit processes and exception approval flows for self or auto-audit. 

Satisfy internal and international audit and compliance requirements like eliminate errors, overcharges, and incomplete documentation. 

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6A User-Friendly Invoice Auditing Compressed
7A Generate your customized reports Compressed


Enjoy smart reporting and intelligence on your freight management.

Connect your data visualization tools or use our smart reporting to glean real-time cost, usage, and performance insights. 

Analyze, harvest and leverage your data to identify potential cost savings, lane optimizations, performance improvements, and assess supply chain risks. 

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