Electronics Manufacturer:


  • Companies are often required to organize tenders for their regular supply chain, which includes a close look at matching provider capabilities and internal KPIs.

    Although volumes in regular supply chains are usually significant larger than spot-buy freight volumes, it does not mean that providers should overlook or neglect to vet who they work with for spot-buy freight, nor overlook their KPIs.

    Volumes might be much lower for spot-but freight, but freight cost and margins charged are much higher.

    In this Business Case, taking a close look at what is available in the market has proven to bring value to the Electronics Manufacturer, leading to increased supply chain performance, and significant cost reductions.

  • “There are so many providers that can do it all, but few that can do it right.”

  • Challenges Faced

    • No single logistics provider can do it all: ship globally whilst providing the best service, at the lowest price. #fact
    • Needed: Centralized provider management.
    • Wanted: Multi-mode freight quotations.
  • The Cargobase Solution

    Shipper got a snapshot of current providers and what is available in the market.

    Shipper received automated quote requests, in effect creating an improved competitive environment.

    Cargobase provided centralized freight data, which serves as KPI check on cost and performance for the Shipper.

    "Our expertise in spot-buy freight is limited, and our providers knew that. Now we work with partners that better matches our budget and business." President Director, EMS