Freight management

Collaborate with all your partners from a single dashboard to ensure a timely and compliant shipping process.

As a logistics professional, you are at the center of the shipment process. The freight management module puts you in the driver's seat and keeps you in control of the full shipment process. Oversee shipment tender rates, request spot quotes and communicate with your partners in real-time with freight rate management software to make sure all your shipments ship on time for the right price.

Rate management

With our rate management module, you have a single source of truth for all your rate cards from your pool of providers.

Freight Rate Management Software
  • Upload your negotiated rates in your own template format
  • Connect Cargobase to your existing rate repository
  • Existing connections to all parcel providers for realtime parcel rates

The rate cards are used to automatically create quotes when you create a quote request, which gives you immediate feedback to act quickly. The rate card module also notifies you about expiring rate cards and track changes for each rate card over time.

Freight tendering

Benefit from a transparent and automated way of organizing and awarding your freight tenders across all freight modes and lanes.

Freight Shipment Tender
  • Invite your preferred pool of Logistics Service Providers
  • Compare bids on multiple variables, such as costs, schedule & historic performance
  • Support all freight modes (air, road, ocean, rail, parcel)

The module enables you to effectively communicate tender updates to all participants and organize multiple rounds of tendering. After the tender, the agreed rates can be automatically transferred to a rate card, so no data entry is needed.

Freight execution

Work with your preferred pool of logistics service providers on all your shipments and quickly manage all your freight from a single dashboard.

Create Quote Request
  • Request quotes from rate cards and other LSPs and book
  • Realtime discussions with your partners about schedules and pick-ups
  • Automated parcel label creation and printing

After awarding the shipment to one of your partners you can use the same dashboard to discuss the specifics such as pick-up arrangements and (customs) documentation. This ensures all data is available in one central place.

Collaborate with all your partners

You might be at the center of the transport process, however, this does not mean that you have to do everything yourself. With our collaborate- & integrate functions, you request and send data to the right people and systems.

  • Allow for buyers, planners, engineers to request for logistics services
  • Automatically trigger bookings through external sources such as ERP
  • Customs brokers are alerted automatically of outgoing or incoming shipments

After booking the process doesn't stop. Cargobase provides several other modules to keep an eye on the booking. With our Real-time Visibility module, you can track your shipment regardless of the freight mode. Our Invoice Audit module helps you to make sure invoices are approved quickly and synced to your ERP or accounting system. With Reporting & Analytics, you get a consolidated and organized view of all your freight data.

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