Benefit from a transparent and automated way of organizing and awarding your freight tenders across all freight modes and lanes.

Simplify and Standardize Your Freight Tenders

  • Use your templates or adopt Cargobase’s rate card formats.
  • Invite your preferred pool of Logistics Service Providers.
  • Duplicate tenders for multiple rounds of negotiation.
  • Pre-populate fields for multiple tenders.
  • Support all freight modes (air, road, ocean, rail, parcel).
2A Automate Your Spot-Buy Freight Procurement Compressed
2B Receive Incoming Quotes Automatically Compressed

Compare Your Incoming Bids on our User-Friendly Dashboard

  • Receive notification of tender completion.
  • Single-screen bids comparison.
  • Compare bids on multiple variables (cost, transit time, freight mode, shipping schedule, Logistics Service Provider performance).
  • Analyze and run scenarios for cost modeling and budgeting purposes.
  • Export your completed tenders for internal reporting or audit purposes.

Award Lanes to Logistics Service Providers

  • Communicate tender updates and changes using our one-to-many communications flow feature.
  • Strategically conduct multiple rounds of tendering.
  • Award business to your selected Logistics Service Provider.
  • Automatic transfer of agreed rates to rate management module for future shipments.
2C Compare and Evaluate the Quoted Solutions Compressed

Ensure Compliance with your Company's Procurement Policy

  • Invite your prequalified Logistics Service Providers for your tenders.
  • Configure your tender rules (e.g. capability profiles).
  • Fully transparent and documented procurement process for internal audit and compliance purposes.

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