How Cargobase adopted Conversational UI

“Hello. It’s Me.” – An Article by our Development Team

With the rise of Messaging apps and AI (Artificial Intelligence) ChatBots, online interaction is fast blossoming from mouse clicks to conversation. The buzz phrase of the moment is “Conversation UI”, where “User Interface” is the name and “Conversational” is the game.

In the East, in Asia, there’s WeChat, where everything ranging from chatting to payment occurs via conversation; The West is testing the same model with Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Companies are starting to – if not already – adopt this new design methodology for better user experience. Cargobase included. At the Cargobase Development Headquarters, we believe we should create things we love, instead of just bashing things we hate, and we apply this philosophy when shaping the user experience on our platform.

Meet our Collaborative Shipment Dashboard

At Cargobase, our focus is on spot-buy freight, and since 2014, we have built a platform, that automates the entire process. The result is an online platform – that supports shippers and providers alike – to manage entire spot freight transactions. This includes quoting, approval, tracking, invoice audit, freight payment and reporting.

Today, the system also integrates different services, like notifications from Providers, manual updates, documents, flight updates, milestones and regular communication. With so many data streams, it would seem the UI is going to get really cluttered, right?

So on 23 June 2016, we launched our Collaborative Shipment Dashboard (thank you, thank you, we are mighty proud of ourselves too) complete with a chat function. Now Shipper and Provider can directly communicate with each other via comment posts which are fully supported and amplified via email alerts, and system notifications.

Each update contains User profile image, name, relative timestamp and text. We used minimum metadata to lay more stress on the message rather than extra data; showing users only the most important information.

And hours into the launch and an email came through which said:

“Nice new feature, Team Cargobase! It saves me a bunch of time trawling through different tracks, and now got more time to focus on my actual tasks!”

Got to admit, it made us smile.

And that’s what keeps us going.

– The Cargobase Development Team

The buzz phrase of the moment is “Conversation UI”, where “User Interface” is the name and “Conversational” is the game.