How It Works

The Cargobase platform is available in any modern browser or mobile application that allows you to procure, track, manage and audit spot-buy freight shipments.

Cargobase functions in many enterprise organizations as a fixed process and go to place for any shipment that falls outside of the regular supply chain.

The key success of Cargobase is to have all relevant shipment information available from procurement to invoice audit, and get an insight in the dark side of the supply chain.

Providers are now able to work more efficiently and effectively by always having accurate information on hand and having access to real-time performance data.


    Work together with your trusted providers, but in a faster, better and cheaper way.
    Creating a quote request made easy and efficient.


    Traditionally the spot-buy RFQ process is riddled with e-mails and excel sheets, but imagine setting-up an RFQ once, sending to all your providers and comparing everything on a single webpage.


    When under time pressure, approval policies are one of the first things to suffer. Often, because you simply don’t have time, and requests get buried in e-mails. But what if approving is just a push of a button on your phone?


    Provider Management

    Manage lists of pre-approved providers and define specific providers for contract lanes.

    Time Limits

    Set expiration times to ensure timely quote submissions.

    Address Book

    Pre-load frequently used addresses to save time and reduce errors.

    Approve & Book on Web and Mobile

    • Configure approval levels based on corporate compliance.
    • No email or paperwork, just a push on a button.
    • Ensure a fair and transparent quoting process.
    • Set minimum limits of providers to be invited.

    Faster, better and cheaper

    Viewing all quote details in one screen, leads to better and faster decisions.

    Creating a quote request made easy and efficient.

    Where is my shipment? Did we share the customs information yet? Is my package still in the air?
    One platform, to manage all spot-buy shipments.


    Work with all stakeholders on one dashboard to see milestone events, updates and share shipment documents.


    Milestone Updates

    All (milestone) updates in a user friendly dashboard, with realtime updates from over 390 providers.


    Ask questions, chat and share documents with stakeholders.

    Audit Trail

    All audit information presented in a clear and chronological order.


    Receive group or individual notifications for any status change.

    Invite Viewers

    Invite business partners to view the shipment status in realtime for accurate planning.

    One platform, to manage all spot-buy shipments.

    Shipment and invoicing data centrally managed, from the same location where the RFQ was launched. Full disclosure.
    Maximise invoice process quality, based on full information and visibility.


    Did you know there is, on average, a 20% gap between the quoted shipment cost and the invoice you receive? We provide and audit trail with all details about additional fees or delay reasons.


    No more: “We are sorry, but this payment cannot be processed because the Purchase Order number is missing, the BoL-number is missing and there are no more funds according to our ERP platform.”


    Full Information

    All payment related items bundled in a shipment summary. Never lose any information buried in emails.


    Compare quoted versus actual charges to uncover hidden fees.

    Faster Payment

    Complete online cost and document submission process for providers, to decrease invoice process time.

    Approval Levels

    Separate invoice approval and auditing for maximum quality control.

    ERP Integration

    Connect your ERP to align Cost Center information with invoicing details.

    Maximise invoice process quality, based on full information and visibility.

    Advanced analytics generate performance metrics from enterprise down to shipment level.
    Powerful performance, and expenditure metrics across all freight modes.


    Data analysis allows for insights that would otherwise remain a mystery. Do you know how many of your shipments are on time? We do, and it is not always pretty.



    Review performance metrics for each shipment, freight mode or provider. Only deal with the best.


    Uncover spot-buy freight spending throughout the organization, at a department, cost center or team level.


    Compare financial or performance metrics across the company or to benchmark market data.

    Specific Reports

    Generate overall, or specific reports for any required timeframe.


    Export generated data for further processing or integrate your analytical software directly.

    Powerful performance, and expenditure metrics across all freight modes.