Simplify And Empower Your Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive supply chain is complex and unpredictable across thousands of moving parts. Being the logistics expert in automotive industry, Cargobase gives you and your team the right tool to supercharge your automotive supply chain.

The automotive industry is one of the most diverse, global, and complex supply chains. Applying a Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence method adds an extra dimension of complexity.

Cargobase understands the difference in requirements between the various supply chains within the automotive industry. For example; pre-production (prototypes), the production line setup (project freight), mass-production, post-production (aftermarket services), and finished vehicles.

The Cargobase platform is being used by over 23 of the top Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs across all continents and in over 38 countries, making it one of the most connected global solutions in this industry.

Trusted by Enterprises in Automotive Industry

Bosch is also a Cargobase customer
Continental is also a Cargobase customer
Siemens is also a siemens customer
Mahle is also a Cargobase customer
Vitesco is also a Cargobase customer
Sulzer is also a Cargobase customer

Tailored to your needs

There are many elements that make the automotive supply chain special. Cargobase TMS is fully configurable so we can tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Be in control of all of your freight movements
  • Time definite quoting features to meet production deadlines
  • All freight modes are supported, including Air Charters, Car Haulers, Speciality Trailers, Rail, Airfreight, Ocean and Parcel
  • Fully automated and compliant PTA record keeping and audit trail
  • Smart parts mechanism and automated VIN details look up

Puts you in the drivers seat

Invoice process overview
  • Global web-based collaboration platform for all internal and external partners
  • Recording of customer or supplier paid or charged back freight
  • Quote and invoice matching with audit flows
  • Track and trace, event & exception handling

Achieve more by doing less

Cargobase TMS has partnered with enterprise manufacturers across 50 countries in the automotive industry to achieve the following:

  • An average implementation time within 4 weeks
  • An average of 27% cost avoidance
  • An increase of productivity by 5 times

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