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Learn how Cargobase is successfully used in the aviation / aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is under extremely competitive pressures to maintain margins, achieve the best value in manufacturing, and keep planes in service. As a result, supply chain visibility and automation have become key strategies to reduce costs in production, materials movement, maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations.

The Cargobase platform helps all stakeholders to create full transparency in the procurement, execution, and management of logistics requirements with selected, preferred and trusted logistics service providers. This is done by streamlining the inbound flow of parts, executing time-sensitive parts, and providing comprehensive AOG services.

Tailored to your needs

There are many elements that make the aviation supply chain special. Cargobase TMS is fully configurable so we can tailor the solution to your specific needs.

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  • Mobile app for staff on the work floor to access real-time shipment data
  • All freight modes are supported, including Parcel, Regular Air, Ocean and Road
  • Quick quote turnaround time to improve delivery times of time sensitive parts
  • Special handling and packing requirements indication fields

Connects with all partners

  • Easy integration of suppliers, customers and logistics service providers
  • Standardization across shipment handling units
  • Centralized track & trace dashboard including document sharing
  • Easy to access document archive for customs documentation and permits

The Cargobase Effect

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“It's efficient and fast in processing my queries. This saves time and reduces manual processes, hence reducing the number of emails required.”

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Cargobase Freight Management

A global manufacturer and distributor of aviation instruments, accessories, and control panels supplying to the worldwide aviation industry use the Cargobase platform for all their logistics requirements. It is primarily used by the sales and support department to trigger shipment requirements to its customers across all continents from strategically located distribution points. They use all modes of transport, routing guides, and preferred rates to easily identify the most optimal and cost-effective solution for their deliveries.

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