Introducing Cargobase Next

The new standard in logistics software

Today, we are excited to officially announce the limited availability of Cargobase Next, the new way to use our Logistics Management Platform platform. This new interface provides all of the benefits of an enterprise-level logistics software system, with an added focus on faster data entry, insights, and intelligence to make your day-to-day tasks as convenient as possible.

Next level insights

At Cargobase, we serve a wide variety of customers & users — from large SMEs to the largest global enterprises and from non-logistician to deep logistic power users — and we know that no single model will serve the needs of all of our user. Therefore, Cargobase Next supports;

  • Customisable dashboard widgets
  • Advanced list filtering
  • Real time tracking updates

We developed the new interface with customizability & extensibility in mind. So that every user can tailor the experience to their own needs.

Fast data entry

We know it has been bothering you! Data entry is always annoying and Cargobase is no exception. For those that are adding hundreds of shipments & quote requests every day, we have spent a lot of time making the experience as seamless as possible. In Cargobase Next you can expect;

  • Redesigned forms with fewer inputs
  • Fast autocomplete to avoid unnecessary data entry
  • Powerful import functionality

Cargobase can't eliminate data entry completely, but with auto-completing, dynamic defaults, and powerful imports, we know your day-to-day work will be much more efficient.

Intelligence built-in

On top of the fast data entry, we also have built-in intelligence that helps the platform get smarter & faster over time based on your behavior. That weekly shipment you have to enter every time should only take a few seconds, and with Cargobase Next it does, with the following features;

  • Defaults based on historic data
  • Save presets to reuse every time
  • Create templates to avoid data entry

And we are not done! We have many ideas how to make this even more powerful. If you have ideas, please reach out!