Save time on paperwork with our user-friendly invoice audit and customizable freight audit features designed to satisfy internal audit and compliance requirements. 

Smart & User-Friendly Invoice Auditing

  • Use our freight invoice matching technology to compare booked rates with final invoice 
  • OCR technology for scanned hard copy invoices
  • Get master admin view of all invoices (incl. disputed, pending, paid) on our smart dashboard
  • Enjoy automatic forwarding of payment approval to your ERP, account department or external payment provider
  • Our customers use this feature to eliminate errors, and highlight overcharges and incomplete documentation
6A User-Friendly Invoice Auditing Compressed
6B Freight Audit Customizations Compressed

Freight Audit Customizations

  • Customizable invoice audit approval flows
  • Customize your invoice approvals on multiple levels (per region, department, business unit, spend threshold etc.)
  • Determine your invoicing requirements including documentation, invoice destination, etc. 
  • Activate auto-approval functionality based on your criteria
  • Fully documented shipment data as per your organizational templates (incl. approvals given, time-stamps, shipment documentation etc.)

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