Invoice Matching

Identify errors, eliminate overcharges, and ensure contract compliance. Invoice Matching is an essential module to keep control over your freight spend.

No more errors and overcharging

The invoice Matching module automatically compares invoices with the quoted or contracted amount.

Invoice process overview
  • Highlight errors, overcharges and incomplete documentation
  • Automatic exchange of payment approval to your ERP, accounts department or external payment provider
  • Visibility of all invoices (incl. disputed, pending, paid) on the smart dashboard

All data from the shipment is centrally stored and each step is traceable on the same page, which leads to up to 50% reduction in emails & phone calls to validate cost items. The automatic data transfer ensures a quick and accurate process.

Customized to your situation

Each company’s auditing process is a little different. Therefore this module is flexible so that it is configured to suit your company’s requirements.

  • Approval flows to ensure compliance
  • Invoice settlement requirements
  • Tailor rules per region, department, spend threshold, etc

By enforcing your employees to follow approval flows & partners to upload the right documentation prior to starting reconciliation, your finance department saves time focusing on value adding activities.

It's not just costs

Sustainability is a hot topic on corporate agendas. At Cargobase we can help provide data around your global CO2 footprint.

Carbon Emission Reporting
  • Historic CO2 estimations of all your freight
  • Incorporate CO2 emission in the booking process
  • Logistics Service Providers impact scores

We are integrating with data providers to leverage modern algorithms & datasets to go beyond the standard methodologies of emission estimations. This helps shippers get insights into their CO2 / GHG emissions and make informed decisions on how to decrease these emissions.

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