LSPs are invited onto the platform by their shippers. Cargobase is currently used by over 800 providers worldwide including 24 of the global Top 25 Freight Forwarders

1A Simplify and Standardize Your Freight Tenders Compressed

Generate More Business

Receive more quotes, with a faster turnaround, to win more potential business!

  • Shippers will send out RFQs (Request For Quotation), which are automatically routed to the appropriate team and contact within the LSP
  • Email and mobile notifications allow you to respond quickly and not lose valuable time for quoting
  • Receive feedback for your lost bids (e.g. 'transit time too long') for future quoting benefits


More Efficient Workflow

Save valuable time and effort in your quoting, ongoing communications and documentation trail. No more phone, email, fax and spreadsheets, or scattered documentation!

  • Standardized 'mandatory' fields in RFQs provide all required information for quoting, and vastly eliminate back-and-forth clarifications with Shippers
  • Single-platform benefits: ensure all communications, documents, tracking numbers and updates are all maintained in one place 
  • Fast and easy generation of reports and invoices for shippers
1C Award Individual Lanes to Your Logistics Service Providers Compressed
7B Improve your logistics operations through rich data insights Compressed

Performance Management

Leverage Business Intelligence to understand your potential for winning more quotes and achieving higher OTP and customer satisfaction

  • Receive immediate shipper feedback on lost quotes or shipping performance
  • Rich data insights (incl. over longer time periods) into your quoting and shipping performance 

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