Enhance your customers' experience

Join 1,200 providers worldwide, including all of the global top 25 freight forwarders, to provide a best in-class customer experience and generate more revenue

A great experience for your customer and for you

A better way to manage your business

Whether you are specialist LSP focussed on one transport mode in one geography, or part of a large multi-national covering all modes and all continents, Cargobase is there for you.

Never miss an opportunity

Once you are invited by your customer to quote on an opportunity, the opportunity is yours to win. Provide your best quotation detailing your service level and your cost. You will be reminded once the quotation deadline is nearing, so you will never miss out.

Less emails and errors

No more exchanges of numerous e-mails on individual shipments. Cargobase is your way of communicating with the shipper. Shipment data is validated on correctness and completeness. Shipping documentation can be shared on the platform.

Clear and timely feedback

Once the shipper has reviewed the quotes and is ready to choose the selected LSPs, all providers will receive a notification of the result at the same time, with the reason for making this selection. No more second-guessing on what happened with your quote.

Full performance insights

As a provider, you will have real-time insights into your performance with your customer at a local, regional and global level. Review trends across transport mode, trade lanes, and customer division. An excellent basis to discuss how your win-ratio can be further improved.

We are not a marketplace!

Focus on best value for money

We believe that the best provider is the one that can offer the best value for money. This is based on more than price alone! We ensure this value is made clear to the customer, not just the costs.

Building long lasting relationships

Our philosophy is that LSP’s have to be invited by shippers to participate on the platform. Only through building long term relationships, the best service levels can be achieved.

We are not an open platform

It is therefore that we made a conscious decision for Cargobase not to be an open marketplace platform, but a platform that truly connects shippers and LSPs.

Friendly and intuitive. I haven’t had any problems yet


First quotation submitted through Cargobase and it was great experience


Cargobase is quick to learn and the tool is very user friendly


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Generate more business

Receive more quotes, with a faster turnaround, to win more potential business!

Manage all your freight across all freight modes and providers
  • Automatic routing of RFQ's to the appropriate team
  • Email and mobile notifications allow you to respond quickly
  • Receive feedback for your lost bids and learn for future bids

More efficient workflow

Save valuable time and effort in your quoting, ongoing communications and documentation trail. No more phone, email, fax and spreadsheets, or scattered documentation!

  • Standardized 'mandatory' fields in RFQs provide all required information for quoting
  • Ensure all communications, documents, and updates are all maintained in one place
  • Fast and easy generation of reports and invoices for shippers

Manage performance

Leverage Business Intelligence to understand your potential for winning more quotes and achieving higher OTP and customer satisfaction

Freight Reporting & Analytics
  • Receive immediate shipper feedback on lost quotes or shipping performance
  • Rich data insights into your quoting and shipping performance