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Introducing Cargobase Mercado – The first lightly managed freight marketplace to connect high quality shipment requests with high quality logistics providers. Since 2013, Cargobase has been helping Fortune 500 companies in improving their relationship and performance with logistics providers.
With Cargobase Mercado, this technology is now open to all.

Save Time & Money

Enjoy automation you deserve. All information in one single place, easily accessed via your web-browser and mobile.

Grow Sales

Sales on a silver platter, filtered down to your liking based on origin, destination, freight mode, industry and shipment weight.

Join For free

There is no catch. You join for free and only pay when you secure business. You are in control and get to pick your opportunities.

We believe providers and shippers should equally benefit from technological advances in the freight industry.

See how it works

We serve you hot leads at zero acquisition cost.

We validate shippers and their requests, so you only receive quote requests that are actually worthwhile and fit your strengths. You are in charge and only receive shipment requests based on your areas of expertise such as geographical coverage, freight modes or industries. 


Shippers submit a request

They complete a standard form that includes the minimum information you require to submit a quote. Info such as: address, ready time, dimension, customs requirements, etc.

Cargobase invites you to quote

Our team ensures all information is complete and correct. The platform will identify automatically which providers match with the request and are invited to quote. You receive the invitation to quote by email or mobile notification.

Submit your quote

You have the choice to submit a quote in a standard format or decline the opportunity within the time-limit set.

Shippers review & book

The shippers will review the quotations and compare them based on routing, transit time and pricing. Once a choice has been made they book through the platform.

Shipment tracking & management

Receive confirmation of the booking by email or mobile notification, and you can proceed for collection. All shipment updates, contact details and questions will be posted on the shipment dashboard.

Invoice & payment

Once a shipment is delivered, you will submit your invoice and paperwork through Cargobase. The information will be audited and processed for payment.


Enjoy Automation

Get access to your quotes, shipments and receive notifications on the web and mobile.

Free Marketing

Join the ride and the hype and get exposed to reliable shippers around the world.

Better Insights

Get access to your data, and know exactly what to improve based on real-time quoting and delivery performance data.


We are always here and ready to help. Chat or email us and we will work tirelessly to resolve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is signing up for free ?

Yes, you join for free and only pay a sales fee when you secure business. You are in control and get to pick your opportunities. Ask us for more details.

Can others see my quotes ?

Other providers can not see your quotes. We don’t want it to become an open bidding where price comes first and service level is entirely ignored. Only the shipper and Cargobase can see the quote you submit.


How do we get notified of new shipments ?

Once a shipper has booked a shipment, you will receive a confirmation by email and through the mobile application if installed. The notifications will go to whoever created the quote and his or her team members. 

What if an existing customer start using Cargobase ?

That means you will be able to serve your customer even better with the use of our smart features. 

Do I need to install anything ?

The platform is accessible through any modern web-browser. We highly suggest that you download the mobile app for iOS if you’d like to manage your shipments on the go. Our mobile app for Android is coming soon. 


How long does the sign up take ?

Our provider success team will start working on creating your account and send you an activation email as soon as it is ready. Usually it will take a few day, but we will notify you immediately by email once it is ready. 

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