Cargobase Team Apr 21, 2017 12:00:00 PM 2 min read

Cargobase Launches “On The Go!!”

Cargobase, the online platform for spot-buy freight, has successfully launched its mobile application “On the Go” for shippers. The mobile application allows users to book, approve and track shipments, as well as interact with logistics service providers. The latter is another effort to eliminate the excessive usage of emails in the logistics industry, making shipment management a wild jungle of information.

The approval feature supports one of the workflow tools the Cargobase platform offers to its enterprise shippers. If approval from a manager is required to proceed with the service, the mobile application can be used to turn approvals around in minutes, avoiding any delays and unauthorized movements.

Shipment visibility is important for every stakeholder when a shipment is in transit, think of sales staff, engineers, suppliers, customers or management. With Cargobase, all stakeholders have access to all tracking milestones in a shipment dashboard. The platform is connected to over 300 logistics service providers, such as Kuehne+Nagel, Expeditors, DSV, FedEx and DHL, for automated milestone updates. On top of that, milestones from over 350 commercial airlines are also fed onto the platform.

To improve the efficiency of communication between shipper and provider, the new Cargobase app has the capability for both parties to interact through chat. This also includes having access to shipments and conversation of team members and the option to view shipment documents on the go.
“We are learning every day more about the gaps in today's supply chain and the struggles both shippers and providers go through on a daily basis. We have tackled automating the quoting for spot-buy shipments and are pleased to launch our new mobile app designed to focus on visibility. For shippers it is important to get the right price and service for an ad hoc movement, but what happens next is still a big unknown. Quoted cost and delivery time, versus actual outcomes have a huge delta, but most shippers don’t have the tool to measure this, let alone fix it. That’s where we focus on.” - Wiebe Helder, CEO, Cargobase