Our live-chat, live-track, centralized dashboard ensures all stakeholders have control tower visibility and are 100% aware of their shipments and alerted of potential disruptions and delays in real-time.

Maintain Control Tower Power with our Command Center Dashboard

  • See all your live shipments and their status in one overview (across all modes including air, road, ocean, rail, parcel)
  • Get real-time milestone updates directly from the Freight Forwarder, Carrier, or Airline
  • Real-time tracking (including GPS functionality)
  • Track in-transit and unforeseen costs 
  • Share shipment status with your internal or external stakeholders (e.g. buyers, clients, and suppliers)
5A Maintain Control Tower Visibility Compressed
5B Pro-Actively Monitor Your Freight For Delays and Exceptions Compressed

Pro-Actively Monitor Your Freight For Delays and Exceptions

  • Be informed of standard milestone updates (e.g. picked up, in transit, delivered)
  • Receive notifications through email or mobile for any delays or exceptions (port congestions, shipment damage, weather disruptions etc.)
  • Configure your exception management and escalation settings

Get Real-Time Updates From Over 800 Airlines, Carriers, and Freight Forwarders

  • Cargobase has integrations with Logistics Service Providers for centralized shipment tracking
  • Receive standard milestone updates from freight forwarders including shipment documents
  • Get flight data and uplift confirmation directly from airlines on MAWB level
5D Messaging, Document Sharing and Record-Keeping Compressed

Messaging, Document Sharing and Record-Keeping

  • Inform and message relevant stakeholders through the shipment dashboard
  • Upload, share, and receive shipment documents
  • Store and Access documented and transparent shipment lifecycle for internal reporting and audit trail
  • Lifetime secure archiving of all your shipments and documents

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