Reporting & Analytics

Our performance reporting & analytics module puts actionable insights into your hands.

Our reporting & analytics module uses proven and dependable methods to accurately provide in-depth & real-time insights into your performance and the development of your performance over time. Make faster, smarter, data-driven business decisions.

Real-time insight

Optimize your operations through richer data insights and create high-impact reports

Be in control of all of your freight movements
  • Receive automatic alerts on all shipment related activities
  • Integrate with your preferred reporting tools such as Power BI or Qliksense
  • Make informed decisions by having access to all your data on a single platform

Creating reports has never been easier. Save time producing reports manually. Have a suite of powerful real-time reports available helping you to quickly identify areas for improvements.

Monitor your LSP performance

Get actionable insights on your LSP that facilitate operational and business reviews.

Freight Reporting & Analytics
  • Track and compare your provider's performance across multiple variables
  • Receive automated customizable reports of your provider's performance
  • Set automated escalation triggers alerts

Rich reporting on your LSP performance enables you to curate & grow an active and engaged pool of LSPs, who truly add value to your supply chain.

Highly customizable

Cargobase gives you the flexibility to slice and dice the data, so you find the insights that are most relevant to you.

Freight Reporting & Analytics
  • Freight spend
  • On-time performance
  • Lane performance
  • Delays and exceptions
  • Shipment damage
  • Audit trails

With the ability to create high-impact reports, discover hidden trends in your data, and turn the data into actionable insights for increased ROI.

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