Ship Happens

Cargobase now offers the capability for providers to link their tracking system with our API, helping shippers to view all shipment updates on one dashboard.

Get on track or fall back
like, way back.

We know how stressful it can be, relying on a shipment to be delivered on time. That innocent cargo, caught in unforeseen weather conditions and grounded for a mere day, gets delayed. Setting into motion a domino effect, putting a bunch of other inter-dependent factors at stake, and snowballing into logistics crises.

We’re being dramatic, you say? 2000 factory workers having to be sent home because of a delayed shipment. Insurance claims. Late delivery of final product. Complaints. Lawsuits. Now that’s drama.

The story is the same. Tracking site of the logistics provider shows that cargo has been picked up, shipment is in transit, ETA within the next hour. A few hours later, no shipment. You call the provider, you get the switchboard, you get put on hold, you listen to some elevator jazz music before getting a plausible explanation that one of the flights got cancelled, and “cargo will most definitely be on the next flight out”. You all twiddle your thumbs for the next 24 hours; no chance of exercising any contingency plan whatsoever.

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Hello Technology

Technology today enables us to track our shipments in real-time. How are we doing one but not the other? While cost might be cited as a factor, (we know these tracking devices don’t come cheap) surely the benefits and value of visibility outweigh the cost?

At Cargobase, we pride “tracking” as one of our four USPs. We use an API so shipper and provider alike can view or be updated across all flight movements. That includes round-the-clock confirmation of departure, delay, arrival and cancellation.

With our latest release, we now even offer the capability for providers to link their tracking system with Cargobase. This helps the shipper view all updates on one dashboard instead of spread out across multiple tracking websites.

Coming up, we are also looking at getting shipment updates from the airlines posted directly on our dashboard.

Because, hey, if you don’t get on track, you fall back.

Get on track or fall back like, way back.