You Just Got Ship-Whipped

Shipping something from Guangzhou to Rotterdam, or say, Mauritius to Detroit, is complex enough as it is, let alone when it is an spot-buy shipment; a last-minute shipment, that could exponentially crank up stress-levels and the complexity in coordination. More often than not, companies do not have a proper system in place to tackle the challenges of spot-buy freight. It’s a whirlwind of agony and distress, a techno-mix of telephones, spreadsheets, emails and fax, (yes, fax!) and at the end of the day we still wonder, “Where is my shipment???”

Sounds Familiar?

Managing an spot-buy shipment can be really stressful, not knowing where your shipment is, what you have to do, or the relevant paperwork you need to fill out. There are so many different platforms to keep track of for a single shipment. It’s time-consuming and disruptive to the supply chain.

oh, and darn it, another spot-buy shipment request just came in… can today get any worse?


Yes. It can.

Was the quote in pounds or dollars? And what do you mean typhoon prediction???

Time to Shape Things Up

At Cargobase, we believe Communication is Key and Knowledge is Power, and applied that philosophy as we developed our shipment dashboard – which some shippers have called – a true retreat. All your shipment data, live flight details, and documents are in one place, including your communication exchanges with multiple logistics service providers. Most importantly, you know exactly where your shipment is at any point of time. As a bonus, you can take that comfort with you on the go, and even on a flight, by using our mobile application that is available on iOS and Android.

Here’s how it works….

Live Chatting Dashboard

Log commentary, as you track the progress of your shipment with the live chat feature. It gives you real-time updates on departure, arrival, delays or cancellations, and allows you to communicate with multiple logistics service providers and airlines on a single platform.

Shipment and Contact Details

Access full shipment schedules, statuses, and contact details of the providers.

File Attachment

Upload and attach relevant and important documents such as the Air Waybill onto the dashboard and all parties will be able to view it.

Third Party Invite *NEW*

Cargobase also allows you to invite 3rd parties to view your shipments. When working with buyers, sales staff and brokers they sometimes need updates on your shipments. By your invitation, they are granted access to view these shipment details and updates live.

"Where is my shipment??"