WHY?The Problems & The Solutions

Spot-buy freight remains one of the most fragmented and manually managed parts of the Supply Chain, leading to high cost, limited visibility and long lead times. Sending out RFQs to your shipping providers is often a cumbersome and lengthy task, introducing user error and miscommunication along the way.

How often has the delivery missed the actual deadline, or have cost increased after accepting a quote? We believe these are questions of the past once you adopt the structured and easy-to-use Cargobase platform.


    Work together with your trusted providers, but in a faster, better and cheaper way.
    Creating a quote request made easy and efficient.


    Traditionally spot-buy quotes are awarded without negotiation, either due to time pressure, or because communication was set up outside your pool of logistics experts. This can inflate cost or create other challenges along the way.


    A single platform to submit a request, rather than sending many mails, but better yet a single location to receive, compare and select the quote that is best for you.


    Connect to your private pool of trusted providers, or leverage the vast Cargobase network.

    Select the best option, not the only one.

    One platform, to manage all spot-buy shipments.


    For many logisticians the process of managing spot quotes contains an endless series of pain staking copy-pasting between e-mails and spreadsheets. Let alone reviewing tracking updates in several proprietary platforms.


    Get notified when quotes come in, milestone events are updated and always know the lifecycle stage of any shipment due to automated workflows.


    Book quotes directly, or request approval at the right level for that particular shipment. The Cargobase platform has rich functionality for managing your approval structure.


    Stop signing in to different tracking portals for all those shipments you manage; find all your tracking updates in one platform, automatically.


    Shipment and invoicing data centrally managed, from the same location where the RFQ was launched. Full disclosure.
    The Rain Has Gone!


    Where is my shipment? Who approved this booking? How many shipments do we actually do?


    Know where you stand and communicate directly with your logistics provider if you need answers.


    Our structured platform and workflow allow for detailed audit trails for every shipment. No more digging through e-mails, but all events and documents right there, today, tomorrow or even six months from now.


    Review actual cost, or on-time performance at a shipment, team or even enterprise level, with advanced and customisable analytics.

    The Rain Has Gone.