Learn how Cargobase is successfully used in the agriculture industry.

The Agriculture supply chain deals with plants, livestock, perishables, and is highly complex. The industry has diverse requirements, and is continuously exposed to external factors that could lead to disruptions. There are various processes that can be automated in the agriculture supply chain that can benefit the supplier, the farmer, and the end-user.

Tailored to your needs

There are many elements that make the agricultural supply chain special. Cargobase TMS is fully configurable so we can tailor the solution to your specific needs.

  • Global web-based collaboration platform for equipment suppliers, producers and end-users
  • All freight modes are supported, including flat-bed, stake body, agriculture and tank trucks
  • Quick-to-Source process for irregular equipment requirements
  • Real-time chat with carriers to stay on top of time-critical / time-sensitive deliveries

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"Cargobase integrates well with other platforms, which makes it very convenient for our operational process."

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Cargobase TMS Spot-Buy

A supplier of heavy-duty agriculture equipment, specialized in harvesting equipment is required to ensure an optimal usage/deployment of their equipment; equipment not in use means loss of potential income. This shipper uses the Cargobase TMS Spot-Buy feature to find suitable truckers in the area to move its agriculture equipment from one customer to another. Through our live chat function on the tracking feature, dispatchers can easily inform customers of the estimated arrival time of their ordered equipment. The invoice audit feature is used to keep track of costs and ensure an on-time payment to their logistics service providers.

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Agriculture utilizes Cargobase

Cargobase Track & Trace

The management of spare parts can be very stressful and cumbersome for those in need of parts and those distributing the parts. This manufacturer of raw milk processing equipment uses the Cargobase platform for its customers to process spare part shipping requests. Automating this process allows the customer to reduce processing time, get immediate information on a potential delivery time of the spare part and it allows the spare parts supplier to control the shipping cost.

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Cecilia Cargobase 10Y

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