Learn how Cargobase is successfully used in the fashion / garment / apparel & accessories industry

The supply chain of garments and apparel has changed drastically over the past decade with fast-growing and even strictly online sales and a recent pivot towards a demand-driven supply chain. The Cargobase platform can support all stakeholders throughout the production, export, and marketing network, directly impacting and helping companies to achieve and increase competitiveness by leading freight procurement practices and increasing transportation visibility.

Tailored to your needs

There are many elements that make the garments supply chain special. Cargobase TMS is fully configurable so we can tailor the solution to your specific needs.

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  • Centralized planning and freight procurement platform
  • Smart tendering features to ensure you get access to the best market rates
  • All freight modes are supported, including Parcel, Regular Air, Ocean and Road
  • Indicate your special packing and handling requirements

Puts you back in control

Be in control of all of your freight movements
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration platform for optimal freight visibility
  • Full breakdown of freight cost on a PO, SO, project and cost centre level
  • Quote and Invoice matching with audit flows and compliance
  • Multi-currency and language support to meet local & global sourcing requirements

The Cargobase Effect

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“Simplifies our business process, reduces email and mainstream communication flows. The best online solution for customer-supplier relationship."

Bosch is also a Cargobase customer
Continental is also a Cargobase customer
Siemens is also a siemens customer
Mahle is also a Cargobase customer
Vitesco is also a Cargobase customer
Sulzer is also a Cargobase customer

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Cargobase Freight Management

A US-based women’s apparel company, which is among the Top 1000 Internet Retailers, uses the Cargobase platform to centralize and automate its freight procurement and management processes. The company uses API’s between their ERP and the Cargobase platform, a seamless integration that helps them significantly reduce manual work and time spent processing bulk orders from suppliers across Asia. With all data centralized and in a unified format, they have all information consolidated and organized on a single dashboard, available at a glance, and accessed in real-time via smart devices, which aids them in making prompt business decisions.

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