Cargobase Team Oct 29, 2018 2:00:00 PM 4 min read

Press Release – Ship Just Got Rail

The addition of final freight mode, Rail Freight, makes Cargobase the world’s first Spot-Buy Platform to support all Freight Modes

[Singapore, 29 October 2018] – Cargobase, the independent platform bridging the tech gap between shippers and providers, announced today that its enterprise spot-buy platform now supports rail freight. This addition makes Cargobase the world’s first spot-buy platform that supports all freight modes, which includes air, ocean, road, rail, parcel and sub-freight modes such as charters, on-board-couriers and next-flight-out.

Enterprise shippers can now request, book and compare different freight modes for a single request in a unified format, across all freight modes.

“If you had told me five years ago that we would make the platform compatible for rail, I would have laughed, as we were solely focussed on fast-moving and premium freight. However, over the years, in striving to constantly refine our platform and solution, we have learnt that paying attention to customers’ needs is a key to success. Over the last 24 months, we have successfully added ocean freight and integrated with parcel providers, to respond to customers who want a single platform solution for all of their spot-buy freight. Today, we have completely delivered on a popular request.” – Wiebe Helder, CEO, Cargobase.

Apart from being able to request, compare and book across all freight modes, Cargobase has also improved the platform’s user experience, guiding shippers to request for the right freight modes based on the specifications such as transit-time, origin, destination and shipment size. This feature is well received by freight forwarders such as DHL, DB Schenker, CEVA and Kuehne+Nagel, as it brings about a positive impact on the performance of the freight forwarders. Providers now get requests that have been vetted by the platform; that efficiently matches capabilities to business requests, saving all stakeholders significant time, a commodity that is considered a currency in the logistics industry.

We have proven to be a company that is dedicated to help both shippers and providers by increasing their overall supply chain performance. A by-product of this vision is the launch of a rate-management feature on the platform. This feature allows shippers to upload their rate-cards for all freight modes and gives them the opportunity to compare their pre-negotiated rates with the spot-buy market. We have launched this with a major electronics manufacturer who has achieved an overall cost avoidance of 38%, that makes us believe this will be really big.” – Alex van Kampen, Head of Product, Cargobase.

Prior to this launch, Cargobase just celebrated a new “50,000 shipments” milestone.
Its Enterprise platform has successfully automated the management of 50,000 spot-buy freight bookings – in a closed environment – for some of the world’s largest shippers, including the likes of Siemens, Bosch and Continental Automotive.

We have been very quiet in terms of what we have built and achieved over the past five years, because we wanted to bring to market a complete solution, one that the industry is ready for. Today, the solution is complete, and the industry is ready, and we are excited to move forward. We expect to grow our salesforce at key locations to serve the demand that we are currently seeing from large enterprises.” – Wiebe Helder, CEO, Cargobase.