Spot-buy Procurement

Spot purchasing (or spot buying) occurs when you have an immediate requirement and the purchase must be made “on the spot.” On average, our customers receive 3.2 quotes and achieve cost savings of 27%.

Cargobase Spot-buy freight procurement software simplifies your one-off or emergency shipments that are costly and time-consuming to source. With our intuitive request-for-quote interface, you can invite your preferred Logistics Service Providers to quote and make sure that the process is fully compliant. Logistics professionals who use the Cargobase platform can quickly increase operational efficiencies and benefit from freight savings at the same time.

Simpler processes

Get more, better, and faster quotes with our standardized quoting module.

Create Quote Request
  • Post an RFQ inviting your pre-defined LSPs within minutes
  • Your LSPs are automatically filtered based on your requirements
  • Our quoting algorithm routes your request to the right contacts
  • Your LSPs are informed and quickly respond to your request

In fact, in our analysis of over 10,000 quote requests on the platform, each request receives 3.2 quotations and over 75% is quoted within the first hour. This dramatically reduces turnaround time, reduces lead times, and improves communication with your business partners.

Smarter selection

Get more insights into the quotes and make faster & smarter decisions.

Manage all your freight across all freight modes and providers
  • Work in a single screen for an efficient workflow
  • Compare quotes on multiple variables like cost, transit time & schedule
  • Evaluate the full cost breakdowns across various freight modes
  • Communicate with the forwarder for clarifications or negotiations

Due to the increased transparency on both sides and ease to invite more freight forwarders, we see on average a reduction in ad-hoc freight spend of 27%.

Compliant without effort

You can define your own workflows so that the process is fully transparent and according to your documented procurement process for internal audit and compliance purposes.

Always complaint approval process
  • Define local, regional or global approval flows and thresholds
  • Manage your employees' visibility and authorization levels
  • Set procurement rules, such as minimum number of bidders and capability profiles
  • Ensure shipments are booked with all mandatory details, such as cost center and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

After booking the process doesn't stop. Cargobase provides several other modules to keep an eye on the booking. With our Real-time Visibility module, you can track your shipment regardless of the freight mode. Our Invoice Audit module helps you to make sure invoices are approved quickly and synchronized to your ERP or accounting system. With Reporting & Analytics, you get a consolidated and organized view of all your freight data.

A technology investment that pays off

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