Who is the best?

Who is your best logistics provider? [Q&A #18]

How can I manage provider performance?

Putting you on the spot! [Q&A #17]

What are the common challenges companies face with on-demand freight that Cargobase addresses?

What's new pussycat [Q&A #16]

How do we get a new version of your software and what do we have to do?

Quoting - Dollars go here! [Q&A #15]

How does quoting work?

Knock, knock - what's new? [Q&A #14]

How are users notified of updates or quotes?

Why smart companies choose us [Q&A #13]

What is unique about Cargobase compared to other solutions in the market?

Thou shall pass! Platform user management [Q&A #12]

What does user management look like for Cargobase?

Learning points building Cargobase [Q&A #11]]

When building Cargobase what were the biggest learning points?

Logistics SaaS in your organisation [Q&A #10]

How can I ensure Cargobase works with my existing software?

We're neutral, really! [Q&A #9]

Is Cargobase provider friendly?

Show me the money! [Q&A #8]

How do providers add quotes to the platform?

Outrunning a snail [Q&A #7]

How does Cargobase help to get quotations faster than sending an email, what most companies do now?

Teams around the world! [Q&A #6]

What if I have an international shipment, how can teams communicate internally and with their providers?

Any freight mode, any time. [Q&A #5]

What kind of on-demand freight does Cargobase support?

Metrics, Metrics & Metrics [Q&A #4]

What kind of Metrics can I get from the Cargobase platform?

Advice on Covid-19 supply chain disruptions? [Q&A #3]

How can you overcome Covid-19 supply chain disruptions with these 4 tips.

Powerful and flexible logistics software. [Q&A #2]

What do you mean when you say Cargobase is powerful by default but flexible in nature?

Getting started [Q&A #1

Unlike most enterprise solutions the onboarding with Cargobase is extremely fast and usually takes between 1 to 2 weeks from kick-off.

A quick overview of Cargobase [Q&A #0]

The full Cargobase platform explained in a nutshell

Panel Discussion at Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Conference 2022 Global - Investing Wisely in the Supply Chain’s Digital Opportunities

In late September, we sat down with senior executives in the automotive logistics industry at the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Conference (Global 2022) to exchange ideas on how leaders can make intelligent decisions for digital transformation.

#GetShipDone video

#GetShipDone with Cargobase

Modern logistics software is usually overly complex with a long implementation time and is user-unfriendly. At Cargobase, we're all about simplifying the lives of logistics professionals, so you can #GetShipDone faster, easier, and enjoy life!

[Online Workshop] Measure, Manage, and Master: Shipping Performance through Data

Welcome to our online workshop where we explored the power of data in the shipping and freight operations industry. If you're looking to supercharge your performance with data-driven insights, this 20-minute session with our industry experts will be a game-changer.

[Online Workshop] Provider Edition | Leverage Your Data to Outperform the Competition

Step into the world of advanced analytics, tailored specifically for Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) aiming to supercharge revenue and performance.